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Why Participate In Ethical Shopping

Most people grew up learning moral principles from family, friends, religion, society, and a myriad of other sources. This has governed the way one acts in certain situations. This can be further extrapolated to how one eats and shops. Social media platforms and the internet have brought to light the exploitations of societies and environmental damage that consumerism has created.This has created a new class of ethical shopping.

An ethical shopper purposely ensures that the company and product in question is making the best effort to provide a healthy, fair, sustainable, and efficient product. Companies and businesses are doing their parts to demonstrate to customers that items and services provided are ethically sourced and sustainable to the environment. This article will talk about the importance of ethical shopping, engaging in ethical shopping, and how to make a difference with ethical shopping.

Why Participate In Ethical Shopping

The spectrum of ethical shopping is massive. One can participate simply at the grocery store organic section or go to a local government to vote for laws against slave labor. The effects of ethical shopping not only helps the health of the consumer, but also the origin countries and ultimately the planet. It seems intuitive that the food one eats should be clean in order to provide a cleaner body.

Ethical shoppers will go the distance to confirm that the animal products are all treated humanely and ethically. This includes purchasing animal and animal products that are in their natural habitats such as pasture-raised chicken eggs, grass-fed beef, no antibiotics ever used, and organic materials with no pesticides or GMOs.

What is the Unfair Trade

Once one moves out of their own bubble, it can be apparent that things are not as squeaky clean as mentioned. Massive corporations provide a beautiful front of family, love, care, etc when in reality the means of achieving their products abuse poorer developing countries and essentially slave labor. Businesses have moved jobs and manufacturing overseas to other countries with weak laws and regulations in order to evade US taxes and strict standards.

This has been confirmed in countries such as China that have been reported using underage children in factories and prison workers to provide cheap labor, thus cheap products for the US consumer. The current pandemic of Corona Virus has crippled this economy due to most of these factories closing down, thus trickling down the production line to businesses and finally the consumer. This is a chance for ethical shoppers to not only put down these treacherous business practices, but also to support local, well-trusted businesses that provide a healthy workplace for all employees.

Ethical shopping puts more emphasis on recycled products

As the popular song “We Are The World” by USA for Africa states, this planet is home to all. It should also be self explanatory that steps should be taken to produce no harm to the environment. Ethical shopping promotes the idea of not only making sure a product is healthy to the consumer and fair to the producer, but also safe and sustainable for the planet. This ensures that companies are “going green” and reducing carbon emissions, producing less waste products, and recycling materials to create new products.

This also protects natural resources. Many raw materials are being harvested and sourced to the point of extinction. Ethical shopping puts more emphasis on products using materials that are recycled waste or created in a manner that can replace the original resources efficiently. Going green also extends to power such as switching to less carbon-based fuel to more efficient solar power, wind power, and other forms.

Ethical Shopping against COVID-19 and Infections

At the time of writing, the pandemic of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in all major continents, halted travel, tanked the economy, and killed hundreds globally. Studying this outbreak as well as past pandemics all have the same origin story, animals. The poor care of livestock and lack of regulations will put populations at risk. Another factor is climate change.

The rise in pollution is not only detrimental to Earth, but it also affects our health and leads to symptoms such as allergies and asthma. These conditions add fuel to infectious diseases to grow and spread. Add densely-packed humans to the mix and its even more disastrous. One of the natural filters for the environment, the forest, has also been severely declining due to climate change, manufacturing, and livestock. All of these factors can be mitigated by becoming an ethical shopper.

How Can I Make A Difference

Amidst the doom and gloom, the real question lies in what we can do locally to start off. The answer is honestly very simple, honest things that make a world of a difference. Start local. Support local businesses, become familiar with neighboring businesses, and close the gap between the final product and consumer.

Another way is to simply keep Earth first. This means reducing carbon emissions with less driving and more public transportation, walking, cycling, carpooling, and work from home. This also means using less paper products and working together with local sanitation for better recycling. The last bit of advice is to simply care for your fellow human. Donate to trusted, local charities to provide clean living for those in need. Help educate and spread the word of ethical shopping to those who don’t. The mere, kind gesture of care and education will help get everyone on the same page and ultimately provide a better environment to live in.


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