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Budget-friendly Home Decor ideas

by Cordelia & Patrick Mordi 05 Jun 2021 0 Comments

We even use the same sheets on our beds year-round: I go to White House Black Market or Restoration Hardware and buy a set of queen sheets and pillowcases to combine with white ones from Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Then, if we travel or go out of town, we just throw a few clean, folded, not-taken-up-for-nothings on our bed so our room looks great, but not too fancy.

When I lived in LA, I adopted another trendy-yet-affordable tip from the city: Instead of paying for furniture that you won’t use for five years, invest in a sofa or chair that can be used now and forever. This works for just about any space. Here’s how to make it work for your home: 1. Take your old dresser and refinish it. At Crate & Barrel, I found this one-of-a-kind frame at the sale section for $55.


Decorating for the season

Some of my favorite items to include are rugs. By laying a rug on the floor and piling it with pillows, we transformed the simple space into a cozy reading nook. The rugs are not only great for adding warmth, but they also make a statement. What to decorate with: The Rug Hook by Marcela Valladolid ($60) and pillow bed by Staedtler ($6). A clever coffee table.

This cute little coffee table is the perfect size for placing books on! Made from reclaimed wood, it makes a great visual element and it can be easily decorated for your season. What to decorate with: Coffee table ($30) and bookshelves ($14). Gargoyles. When paired with a vibrant, wall-mounted light fixture, these gargoyle art pieces make an equally interesting addition to a plain wall.


Style for any room

I’m not one for high-maintenance decoration–something I learned from my own mother. And after almost 15 years of decorating my own home, I’ve learned that you can achieve a beautiful, elegant look on the cheap–and I’m sharing some tips for that with you today. Choosing the right furniture is another way to go cheap.

When buying items that you plan to use for years, you want to make sure that the furniture and accessories that you choose will last, and fit the space you have in mind. I’ve listed some of my favorite affordable pieces below. The first item is a buffet that I bought for just $200, at HomeGoods. The whole thing was solid oak–thick enough that you could put coats and hats on it–but it was in pretty bad shape.


What to do with your walls

I’ve seen so many different ways to hang paintings and canvases in your home. I like to keep things simple when it comes to hanging things on the walls. I simply make sure that the paintings and art is high quality and original, and then attach them with a nice framing tool. If you’re like me and are always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your home, you can also get a great deal of bang for your buck when you buy cheap frames.

You can find great frames that look as good as expensive ones–but cost just as much! Some of my favorite frames are from estate sales–you never know what you’ll find!–or you can make a small statement with a vibrant frame by using a black sharpie to draw in letters. Art is another great way to update your home decor for a steal.



By sticking with the colors of the sea, you can create a modern coastal vibe at a fairly low cost, and I’ve found you can create a sophisticated and cozy home for under $500.

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