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Deciding On Your Outdoor Furniture

by Cordelia & Patrick Mordi 29 Nov 2021 0 Comments

For homeowners, having an outdoor space is a blessing. It gives you the option of creating heaven from your home. When it comes to usage, an outdoor space gives you a litany of opportunities ranging from a swimming pool, patio to a sit-out. 

If you decide to do any of these, your choice of furniture must be spot-on. Your outdoor space is, after all, your leisure spot, your mini-island. Besides, if it's good enough, there's no reason you can't host weddings, galas, and auctions in your outdoor space.

Thus, before purchasing outdoor furniture, you should ensure that they match your outdoor space in design, structure, and color. Using a rectangular couch on a round patio may not be optimal for space management. 

Also, make sure the colors you use for your furniture match the décor in your outdoor space. Trust me, the last thing you want on your hands is a color crisis.


5 Steps to Choose Outdoor Furniture?

Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space may seem like a bit of a hassle. But with the right markers, everything could become a piece of cake.


  • First Things First - The first step in choosing outdoor furniture is determining just what you want to use your outdoor space for. The furniture arrangements you'd make for a patio would differ markedly from a pool. If you're thinking of using your outdoor space for parties, you'd need fewer chairs than if it was a simple hangout spot. So, make sure you know just what you want to use your outdoor space for before going for furniture.


  • Go for Furniture That's Easy to Care For - The importance of an outdoor space cannot be overemphasized. It can be the difference between life and death on days when you're so tired the only reprieve you need is the caress of the wind on your face and rest.

    Any furniture you use for your outdoor space will most likely remain there, exposed to elements of the weather. So, it'd be wise to use furniture that can weather the elements, furniture that you can clean and maintain. Cedar, metal, and teak are ideal pieces to use in this case.


  • Test Before Use - If you want to get the best of your outdoor furniture, sit on it before you buy it. It's furniture that's going to see you through the darkest and brightest of days. So, you want to make sure it's extremely comfortable and to your taste before you make the purchase.


  • Don't Forget Matchmaking - While purchasing furniture, keep in mind the décor of your outdoor space. It should affect the design of your furniture. In other words, go for a good fit.  Look for colors that will blend with the surroundings. Get creative because this is where it most applies.


  • The Best Always Lies in Quality - Going for substandard furniture is a decision that will come back to bite you sooner than you expect. I understand if you don't have the money for the best furniture now. Rather than waste it, and start looking for replacements in a few months, keep the money in the piggy until you have enough quality furniture. 


Good furniture will beat the elements of weather and absorb the weight of usage. That's what will last; that's what will give you the outdoor aesthetic you're desperately in search of.





What Type of Outdoor Furniture Is the Most Durable?

Quality, quality, quality. Everything I've been saying from the start all boils down to this. If you want to get furniture that will give you the best level of satisfaction for a lengthy period, buying what's durable will get you the job done. Here are the types of outdoor furniture that are the most durable.


  • Wood - What will the concept of furniture be today without wood? When I think of furniture, the first thing that comes to my mind is upholstery made from wood. It's the most basic material you can think of, and it still hasn't lost its shine. With a good hand, wood can be designed into a mind-blowing masterpiece. You wouldn't be making a mistake if you used it in your outdoor space. Just keep in mind that it needs constant maintenance.


  • Wrought Iron - Wrought iron furniture is renowned for its durability. It can be pretty difficult to move around because of its weight. But you can keep a wrought iron chair in your patio and watch it stay the same while the patio's décor changes.


  • Aluminum - Aluminum furniture comes in two types – cast and wrought. It's neither wrought iron nor wood, but aluminum furniture is just as common, mostly due to an abundance in material, but also because it's durable. Unlike wrought iron, it's light. You'd like to consider this before purchasing aluminum furniture.


  • Stainless Steel - Stainless steel makes an excellent choice for outdoor furniture because of its resistance to rust. Its glossy sheen also graces the aesthetics of your outdoor space, giving it a unique and modern outlook.


Can Outdoor Furniture be Left Outside in the Winter?

Getting outdoor furniture is a splendid act, but you also need to consider the storage and protection factor. Of course, outdoor furniture is supposed to stay outside. It was built for that purpose. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions.

Your outdoor furniture may survive the sun and wind during the dry months, but can it survive the damp and wetness of winter? 

Your outdoor furniture can stay outside during winter, but not until you protect it with tarps, furniture covers. If leaving them out to the mercy of winter, despite the coverings, doesn't sit well with you, another option would be to bring them indoors. 

You could keep them in the basement, the garage, or any other room they'll fit in. But just because you're bringing them in doesn't mean you wouldn't cover them up. Dust is still very much a thing.


Why is Outdoor Furniture So Expensive?

The cost of procuring outdoor furniture has never been as cheap as, say, buying a bag of cheerios from the grocery store. But its cost reached extreme heights in 2021, and we have the covid pandemic and the lockdowns to thank for that. 

Though governments tried to stabilize their economy, there's no doubt regarding the lockdowns' negative effect.

Life's returning to normal now, but we can still feel the effects of the lockdown on the economy, especially on our outdoor furniture. For one, it's no longer easy to come along, and that hasn't affected the way people ask for it. 

The demand's hitting the roof, as always. There are hitches in the supply chain because of certain instability markers. And don't forget the cost of shipping and the materials involved in constructing the furniture.

When you begin to put all these factors together, it becomes obvious where the high cost of outdoor furniture comes from. Nevertheless, what's worth doing is worth doing well. And that's the good thing about outdoor furniture. It is expensive, but if you invest your money in the right furniture, you'll get nothing but what it's worth. 

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