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How Do I Start Decorating My New House?

by Cordelia & Patrick Mordi 23 Nov 2021 0 Comments

So, you’ve bought a new house. Congratulations. It might seem easy, but becoming a homeowner is no small feat. However, don’t bring out the champagne bottle just yet. There’s still enough left to do before you can begin to enjoy your new house. And you can start by asking yourself: what’s next?

To some, the next step would be moving in. To decorate your new house, you’d need all the space you can get. But in my experience, moving in before decorating just fills everywhere up and hampers the decoration process. It’ll give you an accurate view of what’s what and the freedom to move about while you work.

Now, decorating your house isn’t as straightforward as running on a track. You need to have a theme, preferred colors, and an idea of utilizing the space available. However, nothing makes a personal statement other than a house whose decoration reflects the person you are. It’s the stuff of dreams. So, all the decisions you make must sit well with you.


Why Decorating Your Home is Important?

Can you imagine staying in a house without decoration? It’s an unpleasant thought, isn’t it? It’s like having a blank slate and not doing anything with it. Unless you’re a natural killjoy and have no interest in anything at all, decorating your home should always be an integral factor. And here are a few reasons why.


  • Makes You Feel Safe and Comfy - Have you ever wondered why the saying, “there’s no place like home” or “home sweet home”? I can bet anything that a properly decorated home is behind it. And I’ll tell you why. Is it possible to feel safe and comfortable in something you don’t like? Say you don’t like horseback riding, and you’re forced to get on one; how safe and comfortable are you going to feel?
  • The same thing applies here - Decoration lights up a place and makes it more appealing. I may not have lived as long as the elves in Lord of The Rings, but I know that no one is averse to what’s appealing. When you decorate your home the way you like it, it’s easy to feel comfortable and safe in it.
  • It Improves Your Mood - Sometimes, you don’t need to visit a therapist to improve your mood. Decorating is a personal statement. It’s an expression of your inner self and thus should encompass your liberties. In this regard, in one of those days when you feel useless, you can look at your house, at the choices you made to beautify it, and be reminded of how productive and capable you are. 
  • It Boosts Your Wellbeing - Anything that improves your mood and makes you feel safe and comfy keeps you healthy and at the top of your game. If the decoration in your home can tick these boxes, then you’ve got nothing to worry yourself about.
  • Boost Your Confidence - Have you ever seen artists display their art to people? Can you see the smiles on their faces? The confidence that exudes from their carriage and the way they speak? When you decorate your home, you’re like these painters – making a personal statement within the space of your house. Something like this can only be shown to friends with extreme confidence.


What Is the Importance of Decorating?

You know, when you think about it, one of the reasons why the lone cabin in the woods is always so terrifying is because there’s no decoration. Haunted houses also share this same trait. Not to digress into a treatise on the features of horror flicks, but it’s important to see why you need to decorate your house. 

An aesthetically pleasing décor is a lifeline of every house. It’s a way you transform a building into your home.  Imagine living in a house with drab walls, no furniture or picture frames. You’d scare the neighbors away and get the “weird” appellation in a matter of days.


Think of decorating your house like spicing up your food. When you decorate, you improve the aesthetics of your house. You make it pleasing and satisfying to not just look at but live in.

Penthouses are more breathtaking sights than bungalows because of their decoration. Put up an empty, featureless penthouse and a bungalow decorated to look like heaven and see which one gets the most ticks.


What Is the First Step in Decorating Your House or Room?

Decorating your house can seem like a handful when it’s time to get started. Do you start from the living room? The kitchen? The bedroom? Do you paint first? Fix wallpapers or position the couch? If you’ve got these kinds of questions running through your mind, don’t fret. You’re in the right place. 

The only problem is that you can only do one thing at once. Hence, you need to start by taking a step. It would be most beneficial if you started decorating by first assessing your space.

Which part of the house will you spend more time in? What part will be most suitable for private needs and public needs? For instance, outfitting your bedroom with a lot of seats and fixing a chandelier will be out of place because most of what you do in there is sleep. Those decorations would be most suitable in the living room.

When you’ve assessed your space, then you can chart the logistics for your decoration.

How Do You Decorate Your House?

Decorating your house isn’t as challenging as you think it is. The trick is in knowing how to do it. Luckily for you, I’m here, and I’ll spit the “hows” right out.


  • Don’t Forget the Value of First Impressions - I understand that reading a book by its cover might not be de rigueur, but it doesn’t mean that it’s no longer valid. First impressions still matter, and if you plan to decorate your house and be proud of it, you need to start from the façade.

    For one, you can use meaningful colors like red, orange, yellow, or any other color that’s got attractive cultural associations. It makes the exterior of your house catchy and keeps people in anticipation of what’s obtainable inside.


  • Keep Your Furniture Close To Each Other - Keeping your furniture close together enhances intimacy and connection between you and visitors. Imagine sitting across from your friend in a room where the couch has been moved closed to the wall.

    Holding a conversation in such an environment can be a bummer. So, stick to keeping the furniture away from the wall, and arrange them in a way that fits the shape of the room and the décor you have in mind. But also, don’t forget that intimate furniture equals an intimate conversation.


  • Don’t Shield Your Kitchen from Light and Air - You need a lot of ventilation and air in your kitchen. It’s where you prepare your meals, and you want to be able to see properly and not breathe air choked with smoke, steam, and spices. Therefore, your kitchen would need to have windows. A small outlet just won’t do.

    Also, since a lot of light will be coming into your kitchen, your paint job stands the risk of fading. But that’s only if you use heavy colors. Therefore, it’ll be ideal to use light colors.


  • Let Your Rugs Rest Under Your Furniture - Fixing a rug at the center of your living room never gets old. A white or black rug sitting on polished caramel brown floorboards is aesthetically pleasing. But it can be a nasty decoration if it keeps moving across the room or getting dislodged every time.

    A good way to solve that would be to pin the rug to the floor with your furniture. You could do it with a coffee table in the middle of the sitting area or with the sofas. It depends on how big your rug is.


  • Scale Your Frames - Whether you’re fixing photos on the wall or paintings, you mustn’t place them too high or low. No matter how beautiful the frames are, if your neck aches whenever you have to look at them, you lose interest in the frames altogether.

    Therefore, your frames must stay at eye level. If you must take it beyond your eye level (probably because your partner or friend is taller or shorter), make sure you get the average length. This way, no one has to take their face too far up or down.


  • Repainting or Recoating Old Accessories Never Hurts Anyone - If you’re moving into a house with existing furniture, leaving the furniture out of your decoration might create an eyesore at the end. Repainting or recoating them will give them an extra sheen of life so that they can be part of the house’s visual appeal.


Wrapping up your decoration.

Decorating a new house might look like a truckload of work. But you don’t ever tire of showing people just who you are, do you? Decorating becomes a whole lot of fun when you make it all about yourself. And you don’t have to employ other hands to do it. You can do it yourself.

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