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The Benefits of Using Natural Hair Shampoo

You can tell a lot about a person by their hair health. Most men get haircuts weekly and most women and some men spend many hours a week making sure their hair looks good. Appearance is important but your hair must match. A lot of our personal time and energy is spent on these two things: hair and appearance. When people get their hair styled, most are only concerned about the way they look. But we should pay close attention to the products being used in their hair.

Most people wash their hair at least once to twice a week to remove build up, dandruff, and other residue from their hair and scalp. Some women even put relaxers and dyes in their hair at least once a month.


Shampoos, relaxers, and dyes contain chemical 

You may not realize that shampoos, relaxers, and dyes contain chemical ingredients that causes itchiness, irritation, and dryness which ultimately damage hair. While using natural hair shampoo prevents these tragedies from happening to you. Natural hair shampoo cleanses, moisturizes, and gives your hair a fresh look. It even improves your overall health while using it. Natural shampoos are made with natural ingredients that comes from the earth and do not contain any harmful and toxic chemicals and this may already know.

What you may not know is that the most popular hair shampoos are plant based. Plants produce every nutrient and mineral we need to survive. When using one of these shampoo bars you can imagine the oils being extracted from the trees are used to replenish your hair with.

Natural ingredients were here on earth before our (human) existence and can be used for food, skin care, hair care, and medicinal purposes. Natural products have been used since the beginning of time and are even more relevant today. Natural hair shampoo is even less expensive than non-natural products when you consider everything from the longterm and short term perspective. That fact that these type of shampoos do not contain harmful and toxic chemicals surfactant and sulfates goes a long way in reducing the spread of chemicals in our environment and oceans.


Natural hair shampoo adds natural oils into hair 

Sometimes the same toxic chemicals that are found in laundry detergent which is used to eliminate oil and grass stains are also in the traditional name brand shampoos you buy from the store. Your hair doesn’t need a deep cleanse like your clothes, but more of a rinse. These harmful chemicals strip all of the oils out of your hair including the natural oils your body produces. This causes hair to look and become dry which leads to it becoming unhealthy.

Natural hair shampoo does the reverse of these man-made chemicals and instead adds natural oils into hair that naturally moisturizes and conditions the hair strand and follicles.

Traditional brand name shampoos, relaxers, and dye have enormous amount of chemicals in them. Using these harmful and toxic chemicals over a prolonged period of time damages hair and scalp. Further long term use of these these non-natural products may cause bigger problems including cancer because the building of chemicals over time can and does invariably lead to unforeseen outcomes. The layer of skin between your hair and scalp is as thin and skin is porous.

Everything we put on your skin is absorbed into our bodies and into our bloodstream. Knowing this, it then becomes a matter of health and life to consider what we are using on ourselves.

Natural shampoos and body soaps do not contain harmful toxins and chemicals that are debilitating to our body. When you use these natural products, you are replenishing your body of the minerals and nutrients you are already producing and increasing your overall health. The next time you purchase a product that is coming into contact with your body, ask yourself if you can eat it. If you can’t then it doesn’t need to go on your body.

Our Natural Hair Shampoo Selections

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