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Why clay soap is one of nature’s gifts to our health

Clay is a popular ingredient used for a variety of creations ranging from houses to soap. Clay soap can be easily made at home by combining clay with other natural ingredients. Clay soap is also easily accessible, both in physical and online stores.

Clay is truly an ancient ingredient, as it’s been used for centuries around the world. Its longstanding and widespread popularity is thanks to its numerous health benefits and its easy accessibility.


Clay soap is good for the skin and our health

Clay soap is full of minerals, and is often used to extract toxins and impurities from skin. Clay soap is safe to use both on the face and the rest of the human body, including hair and nails. Clay is also safe for all skin types, as there are numerous types of clays to choose from. Each different type of clay provides a unique set of skin-improving benefits.

Clay soap can help individuals with dry skin, sensitive skin, or oily skin. Clay soap can also help individuals with normal skin types. Regardless of what type of clay soap is used, the individual using the soap can be guaranteed that they are healing their skin’s impurities using some of the planet’s most natural ingredients.

While all clay soaps provide health benefits to the individual, the different types of clay determine the type of benefit. Depending on the type of clay soap used, the individual cleansing their skin may be able to help erase skin impurities or maintain their natural youthful glow.

Because clay literally comes from earth, it truly is one of nature’s best gifts to human health. Clay makes almost no impact on the planet, while providing numerous benefits to our skin health such as minimizing pores, erasing wrinkles, and erasing zits.

The different types of clay which are popular for health and beauty purposes include kaolin clay, bentonite clay, green clay, red clay, and rhassoul clay. Each type of clay is naturally extracted from the earth and provides a minimal impact on the planet when used to create a product such as clay soap.


Good for the environment and the planet

While clay soap provides numerous health benefits to humans, clay in general also provides many positives to the planet.

Clay is extracted from the planet naturally. The unique ingredient is typically found in places such as volcanic ash or in mountains. Regardless of where an individual lives, it can be guaranteed that relatively locally-sourced clay is accessible to them, as clay is found in places such as the United States and abroad in many other countries.

Clay itself is a biodegradable ingredient, meaning it doesn’t create any waste. This means that when used, clay follows the zero-waste movement, which has gained popularity in recent years among younger adults.

Because clay is biodegradable, it has virtually no impact on landfills. This in turn creates less energy use when clay is used as an ingredient in soap. Essentially, the less waste a product creates, the less energy is needed to create and dispense the product.

Clay is also good for the planet simply because it’s a natural ingredient. The earthy substance is found in countries across the world, and can be easily and cheaply extracted. Because of this, clay is easily used in do-it-yourself projects and in products found in stores everywhere.

When clay is combined with soap or another product, packaging is always made to be both recyclable and reusable. This is done so to maintain the clay’s properties, but doing so helps reduce possible landfill waste. Because of this, both clay soap as a product, and its packaging combine to create a truly sustainable and natural product.

Clay’s beneficial impact on the planet also isn’t limited to soap. Clay is used as a raw material for creating pottery and housing. The ingredient is a truly green addition to the planet and products being created anywhere.

Some of our clay soap options

Save the planet :)

Oily skin or acne prone skin can benefit from use of clay soap because of its ability to reduce pimples and excess oil production by removing deposits from the skin. Additionally, because clay soaps are naturally Ph Balanced, they don't interfere with the skin's natural moisture.

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