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Why I Wash with White Clay Soap


Since I was a child, I have always suffered from dry, itchy, sensitive skin. I was unable to wear perfume lotions, and could only use specific detergents and bar soaps. Everything irritated me when I applied it to my skin. I started going everywhere ashy because I wasn’t sure what I could use safely without making my skin worst. One day, a close friend introduced me to white clay soap also known as Kaolin clay. I have been using it as soap, deodorant, facial masks, and lotions for the last two years.


Clay is a natural product

Clay is a natural product that can be found in different locations across the world. There are 3 different types of clay Earthenware, Stoneware, and Kaolin. These clays have many minerals and healthy benefits if used regularly. Clays are natural detoxifiers and naturally remove toxins from your skin without the use of chemicals. Kaolin is the most popular of the three clays and should be the main ingredient in all beauty products because of its many health benefits.


Does not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals

White clay soap is a natural product that comes from a living organism in the earth. Natural products do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals that are dangerous to humans or the environment. Kaolin is the most sensitive of the three clays. It is a white, fluffy clay that has the ability to absorb both oil and water. Therefore, you can add fragrance to it and it last longer. The clay mixes with other natural oils that can be used on your skin also. It is a mild exfoliate that removes dead skin cells, softens, and soothes the skin. White clay soap gives your skin a healthy glow that also makes you feel radiant. It is safe to use on dry and sensitive skin and there are no known allergies using it. I haven’t had any side effects but exceptional benefits.

White clay soap is good for acne, shaving, and facial masks. Unlike other soaps that clog your pores, cause acne, dry skin, and irritation, white clay soap removes harmful toxins skin deep and does not remove the natural oils my body creates. Store bought soap has lye in it which is harmful to our skin. When lye is added to soap, it becomes detergent. Lye will strip all of the oils from your skin causing it to become dry and itchy. Natural lye soaps such as white clay soap cleanse, soothe, and heal the skin.


White clay soap is rich in minerals and does not clog your pores

White clay soap is rich in minerals. It is good for facial masks when removing oils from my face and also prevents acne long term with regular use. Using white clay soap will leave you with clear, healthy skin. It nourishes your skin, causing your skin to be smooth and silky which also makes it easier to shave. There aren’t any razor bumps but a smooth, gloss finish. When white clay is used with toothpaste, it whitens your teeth.

White clay soap, or Kaolin, is not only good for skin health but it is beneficial for other reasons as well. Over 50% of white clay is used to make paper. The clay gives paper the glossy and coated look. White clay can also be used as medicinal purposes. It is found in some band aids and it helps blood clot.

White clay soap has many benefits and it is healthy for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ on the body and absorbs over 60% of everything applied to it. One must be aware of the products they are using regularly on their skin. Overtime continuing to use toxic and harmful chemicals could lead to cancer or other illnesses. White clay soap is a natural product and has many benefits. After 30 days of use, you will see a difference in your skin.




Some of our clay soaps

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Oily skin or acne prone skin can benefit from use of clay soap because of its ability to reduce pimples and excess oil production by removing deposits from the skin. Additionally, because clay soaps are naturally Ph Balanced, they don't interfere with the skin's natural moisture.

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