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Table lamps for your desk, in your office, at home, in your dorm, or for your studies, help to lighten the load, no pun intended. A beautiful table lamp can set the standard for your whole environment while you are occupied with athevery obligation that has you at the desk, making that experience better.

Table Lamps

Merge Table Lamp in Brushed Nickel Finish


Dragonfly Balancing Lamp, Handcrafted Wood Lamp


Himalayan Salt Lamp Wireless Charger


Svalgar Levitation Jupiter Lamp, 3D Print Floating Jupiter


Balsamo Himalayan Salt Massage Stone Salt Lamp


Balsamo Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, 3 ~ 6 lbs


Tiffany-style Jeweled Table Lamp


Armillary Sphere Aluminum Table Lamp


Tiffany Style Flower Design Table Lamp


Tiffany Style Amber Dragonfly Table Lamp


Natural Wood Finish Geometric Base Table Lamp


Enhanced Tech Steel Metal Charging Table Lamp


Metal Cage Upturned Table Lamp


Tall Fashionable Cane Shade Table Lantern Lamp


White Sleek Metal Desk Lamp


LampPlus 3 in 1 Lamp With Phone Charger, Clock And Thermostat


Standing Tall Table Lamp in Polished Chrome TT5230-26


BalANCE Wood Magnetic Table Lamp


Steampunk Table Lamp


Himalayan Rock Salt Candle Holder - Pink Salt


Art Deco Table Lamp Silver Birch LED Light Night


24K Gold Plated Genie Lamp with Swarovski Crystal