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All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste
All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste
All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste
All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste

All Natural Organic Whitening Toothpaste

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In this toothpaste, we combine baking soda, sea salt, calcium, essential oils and coconut oil which has wonderful and naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties and stops tooth decay. These ingredients promote overall mouth and body health and do not have any adverse effects.

The texture is similar to regular tube toothpaste and oils are undetectable. Ingredients are added for their health benefits and paste is pleasant to use and leaves your mouth feeling healthy and fresh. This is a wonderful toothpaste to compliment oil pulling.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Coconut Oil*, Calcium, Sea Salt, Water, Rosemary Oil*, Sweet Orange Oil*/Peppermint Oil* (*Indicates Certified Organic)

Sea Salt: Strengthens teeth by adding necessary minerals and polishes teeth. Also a natural  source of fluoride to prevent cavities.

Calcium: Strengthens teeth, adds an essential mineral to the surface, thickens paste and acts as an extra polishing agent.

Organic Coconut Oil: Stops tooth decay, naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, whitens teeth, is packed full of vitamins and minerals to strengthen teeth, freshens breath and aids in stopping receding gums from gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Prevents bad breath and plaque, naturally astringent and antibacterial, keeps the gums and teeth healthy.

PLEASE NOTE: This toothpaste is salty. It has sea salt to remineralize teeth and baking soda is salty.